Catholic Courier

The Courier's History, Mission and Leadership

The Catholic Courier, newspaper of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester, New York, was founded by lay Catholics in 1889 as The Catholic Journal. Over the past century, the newspaper's name has consisted of the words "Catholic," "Courier" and "Journal" in various combinations. The paper was officially renamed Catholic Courier on its 100th anniversary in 1989.

In the wake of the Great Depression, the Rochester Diocese assumed ownership of the newspaper, and its publishing company, the Rochester Catholic Press Association, Inc., was incorporated in 1951. Today, that corporation publishes not only the Catholic Courier, but also the Spanish-language newsmonthly El Mensajero Católico and the Official Directory of the Diocese of Rochester. It also provides graphic-design and marketing services for non-profit groups.

Mission  Statement

The Catholic Courier focuses its coverage primarily on people, ministries, issues and church life within the Diocese of Rochester in order to engage and inform our readers — especially young adults and those seeking ways to connect to a faith community — about Catholicism and how to live it faithfully. (Adopted December 2016)


A listing of the newspapers' staff can be found here.

Bishop of Rochester Salvatore R. Matano is president the RCPA and publisher of the Catholic Courier and El Mensajero Católico. The corporation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Other officers of the corporation are: Very Rev. Paul J. Tomasso, V.G., vice president; Rev. Daniel Condon, secretary; and Mr. William H. Kedley, treasurer.

The work of the Board largely takes place through RCPA standing committees, which comprise both Board members and individuals on the staff of the newspapers or of the Diocese of Rochester. In the table below, staff members are denoted by asterisks after their names:

Editorial Committee Finance Committee Board Recruitment &
Community Outreach Committee
Mr. Mark Hare, Chair Mr. William Kedley, Chair Mr. Kevin Foy, Chair
Ms. Joy Auch Mr. Derek Dalton Ms. Andrea Coloruotolo O'Neill
Ms. Jennifer Ficcaglia * Ms. Karen Franz * Ms. Karen Franz *
Rev. John Firpo Rev. Kevin E. McKenna Ms. Christina Mancini
Ms. Karen Franz * Mr. James Schnell Mr. Mark Peterson
Mr. Douglas Mandelaro * Ms. Jane Sutter Ms. Leonor Rivera
Rev. Peter Mottola Very Rev. Paul J. Tomasso, V.G. Very Rev. Paul J. Tomasso, V.G.
Ms. Katie Redmond    
Very Rev. Paul J. Tomasso, V.G.    


Honorary Board Members

The following individuals have been elected as honorary members in recognition of their invaluable contributions during several terms on the board: Mr. Timothy Fitzgerald, Mr. Richard Hare, Ms. Helen McDermott and Ms. Caroline Riby.