Catholic Courier

Why advertise in the Catholic Courier?

Including the Catholic Courier in your media mix is a wise investment. No other newspaper -- religious or secular -- reaches as many homes in as wide an area of west-central New York state!

Each issue of the Catholic Courier reaches approximately 200,000 readers in 107,109 paid-subscriber households throughout greater Rochester, the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier regions of New York -- an area encompassing 12 counties and 7,100 square miles.

The Catholic Courier is a highly effective, cost-efficient advertising medium, especially when you compare the cost of reaching 1,000 Courier subscribers to the cost of reaching 1,000 people through other media. Advertising in the Courier can cost less than 55 cents per column inch for every 1,000 households reached! 

Trust the Catholic Courier... our readers do!

In every readership survey conducted during the last decade, our readers said they had more faith in businesses that advertise in the Catholic Courier than they do in those that advertise elsewhere.

Studies of Courier readers show that:

  • 44% place greater confidence in businesses that advertise in the Catholic Courier than in other media.
  • 80% say they specifically read the local ads in the Catholic Courier.
  • 40% say ads they read in the Courier directly influence which businesses they patronize.

That's the kind of credibility money just can't buy! And it's directly related to readers' high levels of satisfaction with the quality of Catholic Courier content. Studies show that:

  • 89% of readers consider the writing in the Catholic Courier to be excellent or good.
  • 85% consider the Catholic Courier's accuracy to be excellent or good.
  • 76% say the objectivity of our reporting is excellent or good.

Not many media earn those kinds of satisfaction ratings these days.

Shelf Life & Impact

Our readers spend a lot of time reading our various editions!

  • 83% of recipients say they look to the Courier for news and information they cannot get anywhere else.
  • 66% spend more than 20 minutes reading each issue.
  • 54% keep the Catholic Courier in their homes for at least a week -- or until the next issue arrives.
  • 80% report specifically reading advertisements in the Catholic Courier.

Catholic Courier readers want to know about their church, and the Catholic Courier offers news they can't get anywhere else. Readers' say their primary reasons for reading the paper are to learn about:

  1. Issues facing the church and society
  2. News of the U.S. church
  3. News of the bishop and the diocesan church
  4. News of parishes in the diocese.

Our readers represent today's most desireable segments, including both baby boomers, Gen X and the mature market. Surveys indicate that:

  • 50% of readers are 18-49 years old.
  • 37% have children under 18 living at home.
  • 68% of readers have college degrees.
  • 41% have pursued graduate study and 30% have graduate degrees.
So why should you advertise in the Catholic Courier?

This information describes a readership far above national averages. Discover how the Catholic Courier can help your organization achieve its objectives.
To receive additional information about our advertising program or to place your advertisement, click here to tell us about your advertising needs or call the Courier's advertising department at 585-529-9530 or 1-800-600-3628 (outside the Rochester calling area). We'll get back to you with a plan to effectively promote your organization. You'll be glad you took the time to learn the facts!

Information presented above summarizes the results of recent readership studies. Complete readership information is available from the advertising department.