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Posted: December 5, 2016

Awaits end to abortion

To the editor:

Jesus humbled Himself and became human. As St. Elizabeth said to Mary: "Blessed are you among all woman." So therefore at the moment of conception, life exists and begins.

Therefore for all human beings, the life of your child should be loved, nourished and protected by all harm with all woman's wombs. The life of all children, especially your own should be cared for as the Blessed Mother as your role model. All life is life from above.

As Mr. Trump our new president as as God our Father and the God of all, the pain of abortion in America may end someday.

So let us pray for the new president, Mr. Trump and vice president, Mr. Pence. Let us make America free for all especially the unborn within their mother's womb.

Susan E. Burke




J Iocco
Does anyone thing abortions are good? Do some politicians use this issue to merely get votes? I certainly think so because no effort has been made to change the Supreme Court ruling.
December 20, 2016, 1:52 PM
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