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Posted: October 5, 2011

Cites kindness of Fr. Hogan

To the editor:

I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Father Michael C. Hogan, who served as Pastor at St. Mary's Church in Honeoye (1987-1994). With Father Mike's death, we have lost a very dear friend and a great human being.
God broke the mold when he made Father Mike. His Irish eyes were always smiling.

He always said the right thing and always could make me laugh, no matter how tough times could be. For instance, in 1993, I came home one Saturday night, after a long day trip to the Southern Tier, doing my genealogical research. Waiting for me was a message on my answering machine. A familiar-sounding voice said "This is the Hound from Heaven calling..." Make no mistake about it. It was Father Mike. He was concerned because I missed Saturday afternoon Mass for an extended period of time.

The thing that stands out in my mind about Father Mike was his innate kindness. Father knew that I lived by myself, so he reached out to me out of friendship and spiritual concern. During the summer of 1993, the air conditioner in my apartment was broken, and the heat was so oppressive, Father invited me over for dinner at St. Mary's Rectory to cool off.

What I also remember about Father Mike was his generosity. One time, someone could not do Lector duty, Father Mike came up to me because I sat in second pew. He said, "If you fill in as lector today, I will treat you to dinner at the Valley Inn after Mass."

I feel very lucky to have known such a wonderful man and I will truly miss Father Mike's glorious spirit.

Steve Barnhoorn


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