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Posted: October 5, 2010

Hopes for new school

To the editor:

DeSales is saved, but what about the future of Catholic education in the Finger Lakes?

I have dreamed for over 10 years of beginning a NEW Finger Lakes prekindergarten-12 Catholic School campus located near the Geneva exit of the New York State Thruway, so it can be viewed by thousands every day as they drive by. This location would also make it within the state busing limits for Ontario, Wayne and Seneca counties. It would be an independent school but with the blessing from our bishop and have a religious order to manage it.

The remaining Catholic schools, with the exception of St. Mary’s in Canandaigua, have ceased to grow or decline in enrollment. The future of Catholic education could grow and gain momentum with a core group of people who believe that authentic Catholic teaching has a needed place in the Finger Lakes.

As a public educator for over 16 years and a Catholic educator for over 18 years, I know that Catholic schools have the luxury of being able to teach the whole child: mind, heart and spirit. Our youth are hungry for an education that dares to be different. Our culture today more than ever is in need of Catholic and Christian schools.

Kathy Peters


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