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Posted: January 27, 2017

New homes for artifacts?

To the editor:

On a recent walk in Pittsford I was deeply dismayed to see at the curb several crucifixes and a large Infant of Prague statue. It seems even the garbage company didn’t have the heart to take them! As the homes of those who have passed are cleaned out, is there no place that will accept holy, blessed artifacts? Many a prayer has been answered in front of these mementos and yet what should the younger generation do with them? Could the Diocese find a solution but please don’t say drop it off at a church because even many churches have shelves of unused "drop-offs."

Diana Perry

East Rochester

EDITOR'S NOTE: Deb Housel, diocesan director of clergy services, can facilitate the reuse of such objects in prisons, health-care and other facilities, or ensure their proper disposal. She can be reached at 585-328-3210.



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