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Posted: December 5, 2016

'T-shirt wearer' ponders issue

To the editor:

I have just read a lovely comment ("Better than staying home," Catholic Courier November 2016 print edition) from Ms. Kelley; her comment being in response to another who had commented on people wearing T-shirts to Church. Brava, Ms. Kelley, for reminding us that at least these "T-shirt" folks are going to Church!

However, may I take your comment one step further? I ask us to think about why others' attire at Mass bothers us so much. To think critically on this, acceptable clothing is a social construct -- we, as a group, decide what is OK and what is not. Again, to really dig in here, would we see certain T-shirts -- for example one that promotes a social justice issue -- as acceptable?

I look at it this way: At least they're wearing clothes! But really, as long as our hearts and minds are focused on God's Good Word, what else truly matters?

Hannah Murphy




Patti Jacobs
I too was raised to dress up for church. I am not Catholic, yet placed my youngest into Catholic School. He requested we go to church, so after a few months we joined as registrants. My car broke, it was winter, we went to church. I had on jeans. I asked God if it was ok to let me know, I talk to him all the time anyway. When we got to the church one of the sisters came up to me and asked if I would bear the advent flame and light the candle. I explained I wasn't catholic and that I had never done such before. She said, God doesn't care, it's ok. My answer to whether it was ok to be wearing jeans (which my mom would have heartily objected to) to church. God doesn't care. It's being there, participating and your faith that carries, not your clothes.
December 13, 2016, 6:28 PM
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