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Our telephone number is 585-529-9530 or 800-600-3628 for those calling from outside the Rochester, NY dialing area.

Baptismal and other sacramental records

Among the most common questions we receive are those related to baptismal records and other aspects of genealogical research. Unfortunately, we cannot assist with such matters because church law requires baptismal and other sacramental records to be maintained at the parishes where the sacraments were administered. Please contact the parish(es) for this information.

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Since our small staff cannot cover every event, we offer the option for readers to submit your own story and/or photos for the new Reader Contributions sections of this Web site. Please understand that Reader Contributions appear in the Regional Life and Sports sections of this site and generally are not included in our print editions.

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The form at the bottom of this page can be used to ask questions, request that our staff cover an event or topic, make a comment (not for publication) about this site or the printed Catholic Courier, etc.

Courier Archives

Thanks to the the Lavery Library at St. John Fisher College, the Lorette Wilmot Library at Nazareth College and the Rochester Regional Library Council, the archives of the Catholic Courier and its predecessor newspapers from 1880-2004 are now available at the RRLC website. We also plan in the coming year to host these archives on our own site with an interface tailored for our readers.

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