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Posted: June 5, 2017

Last Updated: June 6, 2017

Bishop makes appointments

Bishop Salvatore R. Matano has announced the following pastoral appointments, which become effective June 27, 2017, unless otherwise noted:

• Father Anthony J. Amato to parochial vicar, Blessed Trinity/St. Patrick, Owego.

• Father Frederick K. Asuming to parochial administrator, St. Theodore, Gates.

• Father Juan G. Benitez to parochial vicar, St. Louis, Pittsford.

• Father Joseph R. Catanise continuing as pastor, St. Leo, Hilton.

• Father Michael J. Costik to parochial administrator, St. Benedict, Canandaigua.

• Father John A. DeSocio to senior-priest status.

• Father Clifford A. Dorkenoo to parochial vicar, St. Benedict, Canandaigua.

• Father Richard T. Farrell to parochial vicar, Blessed Sacrament, Christ the Redeemer and St. Mary, Elmira.

• Father Raymond H. Fleming to parochial administrator, Immaculate Conception/St. Bridget, Rochester, while continuing as pastor, St. Monica and Emmanuel Church of the Deaf, Rochester.

• Father John V. Forni continuing as parochial vicar, All Saints, Corning.

• Father Michael G. Fowler reappointed parochial administrator, St. Agnes, Avon; St. Paul of the Cross, Honeoye Falls; and St. Rose, Lima.

• Father John F. Gagnier to pastor, Holy Cross, Rochester.

• Father John G. Gathenya reappointed pastor, Holy Family, Auburn.

• Father Paul Gitau reappointed pastor, St. Paul, Webster.

• Father Timothy E. Horan reappointed pastor, Holy Trinity, Webster.

• Father Stanley G. Kacprzak to pastor, Our Lady of the Valley, Hornell.

• Father Robert J. Kennedy to senior-priest status effective Nov. 14, 2017.

• Father Stephen R. Kraus to senior-priest status.

• Father Scott M. Kubinski to pastor, Blessed Sacrament, Christ the Redeemer and St. Mary, Elmira.

• Deacon David L. LaFortune reappointed pastoral administrator, St. John Vianney, Bath.

• Father William B. Leone reappointed pastor, St. Jerome, East Rochester.

• Father John F. Loncle to pastor, Blessed Sacrament, St. Boniface and St. Mary, Rochester, effective Nov. 14, 2017.

• Father Michael D. Merritt to parochial vicar, St. Francis & St. Clare, Waterloo.

• Father Peter B. Mottola to parochial administrator, St. John the Evangelist, Spencerport, with continuing work at the diocesan Pastoral Center, effective Nov. 14, 2017.

• Father Anthony P. Mugavero concluding service as parochial administrator, Immaculate Conception/St. Bridget, Rochester; continuing as pastor, Holy Apostles, Rochester.

• Father Malachy Nwosu to parochial vicar, St. Marianne Cope, Henrietta.

• Father Pius Pathmarajah continuing as parochial vicar, St. Charles Borromeo, Greece, and service in the diocesan Tribunal.

• Father Robert P. Ring reappointed as pastor, St. Louis, Pittsford.

• Father Carlos M. Sanchez Betancur to chaplain, Strong Memorial and Highland hospitals, Rochester, while continuing as parochial vicar, Peace of Christ, Rochester.

• Father Daniel Ruiz-Sierra to parochial administrator, St. Anthony, Groton; Holy Cross, Dryden/Freeville; and All Saints, Lansing.

• Father Louis A. Sirianni continuing as pastor, St. Mark, Greece, and as judicial vicar in the diocesan Tribunal.

• Father Thomas J. Valenti reappointed as parochial administrator, Blessed Trinity/St. Patrick, Owego.

• Father Peter D. Van Lieshout to parochial administrator, St. Peter, Clifton Springs.

• Father Thomas H. Wheeland to senior-priest status.


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