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Posted: April 8, 2013

New Catholic schools superintendent named

By Catholic Courier


Anthony S. Cook III has been named superintendent of Catholic schools for the Diocese of Rochester and will replace the retiring superintendent, Anne Willkens Leach, the diocese announced in an April 8 press release. 

Cook, a Rochester native, is currently the principal of Seton Catholic School in Brighton. He will remain in that position until his appointment as superintendent becomes effective on July 1.

“I am honored to be selected as superintendent and I am excited to have the opportunity to lead our diocesan schools, which have such a proud tradition of faith combined with academic excellence," Cook said in the press release. "I deeply value the responsibility I have in shaping students spiritually, academically and personally while contributing to the success of Catholic education. It is a vocation to which I am wholeheartedly devoted.”

Cook earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and master's degree in education from the SUNY Geneseo and a master's degree in educational administration from the University of Notre Dame’s Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program, which is part of the Alliance for Catholic Education. After completing his degree at Notre Dame, he was selected as an adjunct professor for the summer of 2011. He is scheduled to complete his doctoral degree in education at the University of Rochester in 2016.

Before his January 2012 appointment as Seton Catholic School’s principal, Cook was the dean of students at Aquinas Institute’s junior high school and also taught American history. Additionally, he has served as head coach of Aquinas’ boys’ and girls’ varsity track and field teams, leading the school to several championships and honors.


If Bp. Clark is retired and Bp. Cunningham isn't supposed to make any changes or appointments while he's administrator of the diocese, then who gave their blessing for this appointment?
April 19, 2013, 9:01 AM
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