Catholic Courier

Posted: October 27, 2014

Falling for fall

Courier photo by Sam Oldenburg

By Sam Oldenburg/New Media Coordinator

The beautiful fall colors atop rolling hills made it difficult to keep my eyes on the road Saturday as I drove from Watkins Glen to Hornell, en route between photo assignments for stories that will be in the December Courier.

All day, I had been dying to find a way to work those fall leaves into a photo. That was taken a little too literally, however, by a parishioner arriving early for Mass at St. Ann Church in Hornell. After photographing my assignment inside the church, I became entranced with the church’s steeple on my way out, and, seeing an orange-leaved tree beside the church, I finally had my chance for a fall photo.

I laid down on the sidewalk to get the best angle, and, not long after, that concerned parishioner showed up. Driving up to the church, he said, he worried that something was wrong when he saw me lying on the ground. He suggested that I ought to have a sign to warn passersby. Presumably, it would read, “Not dead, just taking pictures.”


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