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Posted: May 18, 2010

Bishop Kearney bowler commits to Division I college

Shanna Chepelsky, star bowler for Bishop Kearney High School this past season, has committed to attend St. Francis College and join its Division I bowling program.

Chepelsky was to sign a letter of intent to St. Francis on May 19. She will become part of the Terriers' NCAA Division I bowling program that was ranked 11th in the nation this past season.

Chepelsky was captain and most valuable player of Bishop Kearney’s varsity girls' team in 2009-10. She led the Kings to the Section 5 Class C championship by posting a first-place individual pinfall of 1,218 for six games. She went undefeated in league play for the season and earned high average (198), high game (258) and high two-game series (469). She also earned a spot on the Section 5 composite state team, logging the second-highest series among all girls -- a 1,296 total -- to help the Section 5 squad place second. A Youth Bowlers Tour member, Chepelsky holds nine individual and team city-tournament championships.

In addition to receiving St. Francis College’s Presidential Scholarship, Chepelsky has earned the first-place New York State USBC Women’s Bowling Association Scholarship Award. Chepelsky, who plans to study video broadcasting and communications in college, resides in East Rochester and is a National Honor Society member.


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