It is time to vote in our Coloring Contest. 

Below you'll find links to each age category. Click on the "pictures link" to see the coloring pictures in that age category and then click on the "voting link" to vote in that category. Please read the voting rules for each age category. Voting begins on Nov. 30, 2020.

3-4 Year Old Age Category

3-4 Year Olds Pictures 
3-4 Year Olds Voting

5-6 Year Old Age Category

5-6 Year Olds Pictures
5-6 Year Olds Voting

7-8 Year Old Age Category

7-8 Year Old Pictures (Group 1)
7-8 Year Old Pictures (Group 2)
7-8 Year Old Voting

9-10 Year Old Age Category

9-10 Year Old Pictures
9-10 Year Old Voting

11-12 Year Old Age Category

11-12 Year Old Pictures
11-12 Year Old Voting