Don’t hate your opponent in battle for social justice

Catholic Courier    |    12.05.2017
Category: Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

Much anger is expressed in the name of social justice. It’s OK to hate and demean — because they deserve it! They’re bad people!

I don’t understand that.

Surprised by my officer training at the USAF Academy? Don’t hate the enemy, just make sure he dies for his cause before you die for yours. I recall Catechism classes and Sister asking, “Is Hitler in heaven or hell?” The answer, “We don’t know. Only God knows his heart.” Did we need to stop him — yes. Need to hate him — no!

Jesus preached we are brothers sisters — we just don’t know it. How about the power of non-violent action as demonstrated by Martin Luther King: don’t show anger toward vicious oppressors.

I marvel at hate-crime bills that only apply to protected classes. It’s NOT a hate crime to kick a KKK supporter to death. We’ll charge you with murder, but not hate. Imagine that?

Gandhi used the word satyagraha: satya (truth/love) and agraha (firmness/force). “The vindication of truth not by infliction of suffering on the opponent but on one’s self.” Convert opponents by showing humility and honesty. They are to be converted — not annihilated. Violence and anger create bitterness on one side and brutality in the other.

He appealed to our shared humanity. “It’s a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honored by humiliation of their fellow human beings.” Instead, seek a constant dialogue with a view to reconciliation.

Hate only obstructs the goal. Imagine that!

John Murtari

Franklin Street


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