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God makes a covenant with Noah

God makes a covenant with Noah
Bible Accent: Karol Wojtyla
Saint for Today: St. Peter Damian

God makes a covenant with Noah

Noah wondered if the rain was still falling, adding to the waters that had flooded the earth. He opened a window of the ark. The rain had stopped. He let a dove fly out of the window. The bird was gone until dark. When it came back, Noah knew the dove had found nowhere to land and that there must still be water covering the land. He thought about the days and nights he and his wife and his sons and their wives had spent in the boat. He remembered the day when God told him to build it.
“Make an ark of gopher wood. I am about to bring the flood waters to destroy everything on earth. But with you I will establish my covenant.” Noah obeyed God by building the ark according to his very detailed instructions. He put in it his family and a male and female of all the living things on the earth, as God had told him to do. When the rain started, Noah and his family were ready. For 40 days and 40 nights, the rain fell from heaven without stopping.
After another week had gone by, Noah sent out another dove. This bird returned with an olive branch, so Noah knew the water was receding. Later a third dove did not come back, so Noah knew it had found a dry place for its home. He said a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord.
Then God told Noah what he wanted him to do. “Go out of the ark, together with your family. Bring out with you every living thing that is with you; birds or animals and creeping things, and let them abound on the earth.”
So Noah opened the ark. He rejoiced when he stepped onto the dry land after being in the ship for so long. After his family was out, he instructed his sons to let all of the animals out.
After he said another prayer, God said, “I am now establishing my covenant with you, that never again shall another flood devastate the earth. This is the sign of the covenant that I am giving for all ages to come. I set my rainbow in the clouds as a sign. When the bow appears in the clouds, I will recall the covenant I have made between me and you and all living things.”

Genesis 6-9
1. Who told Noah to build the ark?
2. What was the sign of God’s promise?

Bible Accent: Karol Wojtyla

When Karol Wojtyla was a 9-year-old boy in Poland, his mother died. Karol’s father did his best to ensure that his son received a good education, while allowing time for the boy to play sports. When Karol was a teenager, he had to go to work in a factory in order to contribute much needed money to his family. This was during the time when Poland was occupied by German military forces in the 1940s.
Karol knew he did not want to work in a factory for the rest of his life, and he knew God was calling him, so he decided he wanted to become a priest. After studying without the knowledge of the German soldiers, Karol was ordained in 1946. He spent some time in Rome, but returned to Poland to preach, write and help people in need, especially those who were working in factories. Karol became a bishop and participated in the Second Vatican Council. In 1978, Karol was elected pope.
We know him as John Paul II.

Saint for Today: St. Peter Damian

Peter Damian was born in Ravenna, Italy, in 1007. After his parents died, he was raised by one of his older brothers. This brother was very mean, and he gave Peter all of the unpleasant chores of the household. One of Peter’s other brothers, who was the archpriest of Ravenna, took Peter to live with him.
Peter went to school and was an excellent student. He eventually became a teacher. Peter was very kind to people who were in need, and he often invited those who were hungry to share a meal with him.
After meeting two Benedictine monks, Peter decided to join the monastery. He studied the Scriptures and became an expert in theology. He was appointed abbot of his monastery and founded five other monastic hermitages. He died in 1072, and we honor him on Feb. 21. 

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