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Digital Marketing Specialist

Please note: This position does not involve graphic design, news/feature writing, photography, videography, illustration or sales.

The Role:

Plan, implement and continually refine marketing strategies for and using SEO/SEM tools; promotion of content produced by the newspapers’ Editorial Department; closely monitoring website analytics; data analysis and reporting; email marketing; and ad-server management.

Specific Duties:

The Digital Marketing Specialist uses advanced technical skills in SEO, SEM, analytics, social-media advertising and other tools to to grow the online audience and readership of the Catholic Courier and its sister publication, El Mensajero Católico. 

  • Take ownership of digital promotion, overall marketing, and SEO/SEM functions.
  • Develop campaigns to acquire and engage new website users using various techniques and approaches; update methods regularly for seasonal and other changes.
  • Train and coach Editorial Department staff on best practices for SEO titles and copy.
  • Analyze and report website analytics and other helpful insights to staff and the Editorial Committee of the papers’ Board of Directors; monitor and report success of digital marketing initiatives, providing campaign analysis and opportunities to optimize results.
  • Develop strategies to maximize e-newsletter engagement and response; assist editorial staff in boosting e-newsletter engagement through A/B testing of subject lines, content selection and titles, graphics and layout.
  • Track trending topics, identify and promote content that is spiking; make editorial staff aware of types of content going viral so they can evaluate benefits of further or related coverage; serve as advocate and coach for maximizing content engagement.
  • Actively build inbound links to content from authoritative sites; encourage editorial staff members to garner links from all entities featured in their content.
  • Develop promotional campaigns across social-media channels – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. – to grow engagement with the target audience and influencers; build and nurture a community of social-media influencers to expand reach.
  • Research archival content that may relate to current/recent coverage and create cross links as appropriate to increase time on site.
  • Develop and manage digital advertising campaigns across search engines, social media and various web channels to drive readership and e-newsletter subscriptions.
  • Continuously adapt SEO, SEM and other digital marketing tactics to changing Google algorithms.
  • Stay current on the latest digital/search trends and opportunities, incorporating them into ongoing campaign management.
  • Foster awareness among key stakeholders of the broad range of content on the Catholic Courier and El Mensajero websites and the effectiveness of the sites’ reach; encourage them to promote websites and e-newsletters to their constituents.
  • Encourage/facilitate implementation of Catholic Courier web links on websites, e-newsletters and print media of affiliated organizations.
  • Grow e-newsletter distribution lists and/or import data from key stakeholder groups to those of the Catholic Courier and El Mensajero.
  • Manage AdSense and YouTube Partner Program accounts, ensuring that only appropriate and non-competing ads appear alongside Catholic Courier and El Mensajero content.
  • Manage ad-server inventory; set up/manage digital campaigns for locally sold advertising clients.


  • College degree or equivalent experience in digital marketing and/or digital communications.
  • Well-versed in digital marketing, channels, and digital data analysis.
  • Strong project-management and problem-solving skills; ability to work independently and handle multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment.
  • Expertise in direct marketing, social media, display advertising, ad-serving, search engine marketing, email marketing and digital-advertising platforms (Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager, etc.).
  • High-level proficiency in WordPress, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Google AdManager and SEM tools as well as Microsoft Office suite and basic image editing.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and leadership skills, rapport and relationship building.
  • Commitment to advancing the mission and objectives of the newspapers’ parent company, the Rochester Catholic Press Association; familiarity with current issues and common terminology related to the church; responsible and respectful approach to Catholic teachings, culture and sensibilities; ease in communicating with church leaders and parishioners at various levels.

Employment Details:

Job Type: Full-time, 35 hours/week.

Pay: Commensurate with experience.

COVID-19 considerations: In accord with NYS HERO Act plan, workstations are socially distanced and common areas are regularly sanitized. We also are prepared for a temporary shift to fully remote work if recommended or ordered by state and local officials.

How to apply:

Send resume and cover letter to:

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