Practice the Pillars

Practicing the pillar of prayer

Father Anthony Amato, pastor of St. Peter Parish in Clifton Springs/Shortsville/Phelps, reflects on the importance of the Lenten pillar of prayer and suggests ways to build an effective prayer life during Lent and beyond.

The spiritual discipline of fasting

Father James Schwartz, pastor of Holy Spirit and St. Joseph churches in Penfield, explains how the Lenten pillar of fasting connects our physical hunger and thirst with our spiritual hunger and thirst for God in our lives.

Creating a hunger for Jesus

Fasting and abstinence are church-imposed penitential practices that deny us food and drink during certain seasons and on certain days. D.D. Emmons of Our Sunday Visitor News explains how this helps us to create a spiritual void that only Christ can fill.

Almsgiving: A powerful gesture of compassion and care

Father Edward Palumbos, a senior priest of the Diocese of Rochester, reflects on the Lenten pillar of almsgiving and explains how God — and our ultimate well-being — depends on it.

Don’t forget about almsgiving!

Reminders to give alms can be found throughout the Bible, and all major faith traditions urge care for the poor. So why is almsgiving the least-discussed pillar of Lent?

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