Stations of the Cross

Learn more about the Stations of the Cross! 

Each Friday through March 22, the Catholic Courier will publish photos of Stations of the Cross from churches around the Diocese of Rochester (March 1, stations 1-3; March 8, stations 4-6; March 15, stations 7-10; March 22, stations 11-14). There’s just one catch — we won’t tell you which churches the stations are from! Make sure to visit the Courier’s Facebook and Instagram pages on Lenten Fridays to post comments with your guesses. 

The big reveal will be on Good Friday, March 29, when the Courier will publish a video about the locations of the stations and their histories.

How do we make sense of suffering?

How can Christians make sense of the crosses they bear? Christ’s cross helps us make sense of our own crosses, hence the universal appeal of popular devotions like the Stations of the Cross.

Contemplate the significant moments of the Passion

Reflect on the 14 Stations of the Cross while learning about the history of some of the Stations of the Cross found in churches across the Diocese of Rochester.

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