Seeking Refuge

Seeking Refuge

Published February 7, 2024

They arrive from all over the globe, having left behind family, friends, homes, jobs and personal comforts.

They bring few possessions, little knowledge of the American culture, and scant ideas of what their futures may hold.

What they do know is that, had they not fled their homelands, their lives might have been in peril due to war or other violence. 

These are the asylum seekers and refugees who hope for more peaceful lives in the United States. Thousands reside in the Rochester area — their latest stop on odysseys that may have included staying in refugee camps; traveling by foot for hundreds of miles; and enduring such difficulties as bad weather, hunger and/or decrepit living conditions. 

The list of new challenges they face is long. They struggle with language barriers; lack of societal acceptance; and an often slow process to obtain suitable employment and housing. They wonder if they’ll ever be able to return to their native lands or lead some semblance of a normal lives elsewhere.

Source: U.S. Department of Homeland Security Statistics

Click on the icon to the left of the map title to see a list of countries or click on any of the blue or yellow markers. Blue represents refugee arrivals, and yellow represents affirmative asylum cases filed.


Asylum Seekers

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