The form below can be used to submit a letter to the editor. Our Letters Policy explains the Catholic Courier's philosophy on providing a forum for reader opinion and is supplemented by the following guidelines:

  • Respond to a published article as soon as possible to ensure that your response will remain timely when published.
  • Please avoid long quotations; instead tell readers where to find passages of interest.
  • We reserve the right to publish a given letter in print and online, in print only, online only or not at all.
  • We do not publish letters that also have been sent to other publications.
  • We do not publish open letters — messages directed to officials but sent to newspapers for publication. Please address your comments to our readers.
  • Except in rare and very specific circumstances, we do not publish poetry.
  • To avoid confusing our readers, we do not publish letters that primarily respond to reporting by other media.

Letters Policy

The Catholic Courier wishes to provide space for readers throughout the diocese to express opinions on all sides of the issues. We welcome original, signed letters about current issues in church life.

Although we cannot publish every letter we receive, we seek, insofar as possible, to provide a balanced representation of expressed opinions and a variety of reflections on life in the church. We will choose letters for publication based on likely reader interest, timeliness and a sense of fair play. Our discerning readers may determine whether to agree or disagree with the letter writers' opinions.

Letters must not exceed 250 words. Anonymous letters and the use of pseudonyms are unacceptable. We reserve the right to edit letters for length, legal and other concerns. With respect to errors in submitted text, we will correct spelling only.