Including the Catholic Courier in your media mix is a wise investment. No other newspaper – of any kind – reaches as many paid subscribers in as wide an area of west-central New York!

Each print issue of the Catholic Courier reaches approximately 200,000 readers in nearly 100,000 households throughout greater Rochester, the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier regions of New York – an area encompassing 12 counties and 7,100 square miles. And the Courier's various digital properties reach an even wider audience!

The Catholic Courier is a highly effective, cost-efficient advertising medium, especially when you compare the cost of reaching 1,000 Courier subscribers to the cost of reaching the same number via other media. Advertising in the Courier can cost as little as 48 cents per column inch for every 1,000 households reached! 

Trust the Catholic Courier... our readers do!

In every readership survey conducted during the last decade, our readers said they had more faith in businesses that advertise in the Catholic Courier than they do in those that advertise elsewhere.

Studies of Courier readers show that:

  • More than 42 percent said the level of advertising in the Catholic Courier enables them to notice all the ads.
  • 41% place greater confidence in businesses that advertise in the Catholic Courier than in other media.
  • 53% say they specifically read the local ads in the Catholic Courier.
  • 28% say ads they read in the Courier directly influence which businesses they patronize.

That's the kind of impact money just can't buy! And it's directly related to readers' high levels of satisfaction with the quality of Catholic Courier content. Studies show that:

  • 78% of readers turn to the Catholic Courier  — before their parish bulletins or any other medium — for information about the Catholic Church and the Diocese of Rochester.
  • 77% of readers say the Catholic Courier provides information they cannot get from other sources.
  • 74% describe the Catholic Courier as an important resource in our community.

In these days of so-called "fake news" and "alternative facts," few media are held in such high public esteem!

Shelf Life & Impact

Our readers spend a lot of time reading our various editions!

  • 75% spend 20 minutes or more reading Catholic Courier content each month.
  • 63% keep the printed Catholic Courier in their homes for at least a week — or until the next issue arrives. Most retain the paper for 10.5 days.

Seventy-six percent of Catholic Courier readers say the newspaper helps them learn about their church and faith. Readers' say their primary reasons for reading the Courier are to learn about:

  1. Issues facing the church and society
  2. Activities at their home parishes
  3. News of Pope Francis and the Vatican

Moreover, nearly two-thirds of those who use the Courier's website are satisfied or very satisfied with it. They primarily visit the website for:

  1. Updated local news
  2. Photos of local events
  3. International/national Catholic news
  4. Web-only content like videos and multimedia projects.

Readers of our weekly e-Newsletters expressed even greater satisfaction, with nearly 70 percent desribing themselves as satisfied or very satisfied.

So why should you advertise in the Catholic Courier?

Catholic Courier readers represent today's most desireable segments, with an average reader age of 59 years.

And as other media cut staff and quality to maintain profits in today's challenging economic environment, the Catholic Courier remains stable and well-respected, successfully operating on all major platforms.

Discover how we can help your organization achieve its objectives by contacting the Courier's advertising department  today. We can be reached at 585-529-9530 or 1-800-600-3628 (outside the Rochester calling area), by email, or by requesting a media kit. We'll get back to you right away with a plan to effectively promote your organization.

Information presented above summarizes the results of recent readership studies. Complete readership information is available from the advertising department.